About Us

Send a Barrel Ltd was established in the UK in 2012. It is an online shop where the diaspora of a country is able to purchase goods and services in the local market for their family back home instead of, or in addition to, sending money.

Send a Barrel allows families especially in the UK, USA, Canada and worldwide to personally contribute to the lives of their loved ones back home either on a regular basis by helping out with the groceries or making those special occasions extra special by sending cakes, flowers or gifts. With Send a Barrel you are never too far from home.

Send a Barrel aim to provide our customers with an alternative service to money transfer in order for family and friends to stay connected to their loved ones by providing them with a convenient and personable way of sending remittance. The service offering is further enhanced by our promise to keep fees low and providing customers with an easy, safe and convenient method of shopping when it most suits them.

The benefits of the service include:

  1. Low fees in comparison to sending money
  2. Better control of how your money is used
  3. Easy shopping 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  4. Fast and convenient delivery times

Send a Barrel continuously strive to ensure that partnerships are forged with renowned brand names that will provide essential local products of the highest quality. As the product ranges grow, we promise to ensure that professional standards are always adopted and customers will remain satisfied, ensuring a superior customer experience. Send a Barrel remains committed to ensuring that we provide a service that will help families stay close no matter how far from home they are.

For more information please email us or call +44 207 207 3970.