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Top Scholarship Tips – Do your students need good news? Note: 12th grade is the best chance for a scholarship for a student. There will never be another time in their lives where there are more opportunities and less competition. This is why most scholarships are designated by donors for students entering post-secondary for the first time, straight out of high school.

In fact, there has never been another time in history where there are so many scholarships for so many types of students. It used to be that the scholarships were only for the top students, but this is no longer the case.

Top Scholarship Tips

If your students need proof, tell them to Google “Core Guy Scholarship.” They will see that it requires students to write an essay on “How fire hydrants improve our lives.” That’s how it is. No grades, references, or volunteer experience are required. Just a warm bath. (In case you’re wondering, Cover Guy is a fire hose cover manufacturer.)

Top 10 Application Tips

So, what is the best way to get scholarships during this golden opportunity for class 12 students? Maybe not what you think.

Unfortunately, there is no place to find them, and no time of year to find them. They are in different places, and they come out at different times of the year. Many people know that they should look for scholarships in different places, but the second part of information – time – is the key to success with scholarships.

“There has never been another time in history when there have been so many scholarships for so many different types of students.”

Scholarships are awarded every month of the year. Many people are surprised to find that some 12th graders start as early as September. The deadline for these early awards is October and November, and then they go away. The opportunity passed. However, exceptions will open and close thereafter, throughout the year of Class 12. Most of these available times are from December to May, but scholarships are awarded every month.

Best Scholarship Websites Of 2023

To look. This is the piece of strategy that no one tells you about, and it is my best tip for getting a scholarship.

In short, the best strategy for getting scholarships is for students to look for them regularly. Because scholarships open and close at different times throughout the year, that means you have to look for them year-round, year-round.

Many students who come to me with problems finding scholarships, find them only once a year. This is 80% of my conversation about getting a scholarship:

It is possible that if students only see it once there will be nothing that will suit them. But, if they keep looking in the right places, I guarantee they will find at least one place, and maybe several, that match their profile.

How To Write A Scholarship Essay In 10 Easy Steps

This is not just one person’s thing. People who are successful in getting scholarships find a strategy. They find good places to look, then check those places again and again, over time.

Here’s how I suggest students organize their search strategy: They should look at the areas they’ve chosen that are best for them, bookmark or save them in some way, and then those areas. Set aside time to watch on a regular schedule. Tell them to put it in their Google calendar (or however they remind themselves to do things) and block off a time to do it. I recommend 30 minutes every two weeks from now until May or June.

This is where a parent, or other supporter, can help. Students and their assistants can divide the search areas, and each look in their own areas. Divide and conquer!

One last piece of advice: Advise students not to wait for free time to do this. No one has free time anymore. If students want to be successful with scholarships, they will need to find time to find, and then set aside time to apply. Encourage them to put it in their schedule. They will be more likely to do it, and more likely to succeed.

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Janet MacDonald is a former university admissions officer who helps Canadian high school students find and apply for university scholarships. His student-friendly guidebook “How to Get and Get a Scholarship” ( has won praise from school counselors. For more great free scholarship information, check out Janet’s award-winning blog. Paying for college can be one of the most confusing and intimidating parts of applying. In addition to filling out the FAFSA, which will help you get financial aid, you can consider college tuition. Remember, financial aid is often based on your family’s income and other factors, but most college scholarships are awarded based on your ability or interest. Follow these six ways to win a college scholarship.

Start your scholarship research as early as possible so you don’t miss important deadlines. Check with your prospective colleges, high school guidance office, religious institution, community center, parent’s workplace, and wherever you can. Your high school’s website may include scholarship recommendations, and the College Board and ACT offer scholarships. Don’t assume that an unimpressive grade means you’re not eligible for a scholarship or award. Do your research and see if scholarships are available; You might be surprised what you find.

You can get a scholarship for all kinds of qualifications. Of course, grades and test scores are important factors, but they’re not the only things scholarship committees look for. Some applications will require you to write an essay, submit a proposal, or resume. Think of a list of activities you participate in or have skills in and look for rewards in those areas.

Many people ignore this important advice. It pays to follow the rules, and it shows when you don’t. This includes submitting all requested information in a timely manner, which may mean you need to work closely with your advisor or the teachers who are writing your recommendations. Be sure to follow the deadlines so you don’t lock yourself out of a college scholarship you could have won.

Top Tips On Applying For A Scholarship

Whether you’re filling out your application, writing your essay, or going through an interview, it’s important to have a positive self-image, confidence in your abilities, and pride in your past accomplishments. Practice “elevator pitches” and high-level talking points; In 30 seconds or less, convince the audience that you deserve what you’re asking for—or at least convince them that you deserve the opportunity. This is a time when it’s okay to brag about yourself. Don’t underestimate your strengths and achievements.

A handwritten thank you note goes a long way and is often missed. You’ll want to do this in the future when you go to job interviews, too. If you don’t have time to write, send them a quick email; Then, do your best to follow up on writing in a week or so. Writing a thank-you note helps emphasize that your followers have made the right choice in advocating for you. It also lays the groundwork for you to reach out to them in the future.

Unfortunately, there are many scholarship schemes available. Avoid identity theft and paying a scammer by doing your research and only applying for legitimate scholarships. A good rule of thumb is to be wary of those who charge you an application fee; You don’t have to give money to make money. A list of scholarship schemes and other information you should be aware of is available at Between your busy life of school plays, school dances, sleepovers, and more…college is just around the corner. And it is the most expensive. While there are $11 billion+ in merit-based scholarships that pay for your good grades and high test scores, why miss a chance to get a piece of a $2 billion+ personal scholarship by knowing how to write a scholarship essay? .

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Best Scholarship Cover Letter Examples In 2023

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Ah – yes! We’ll see you there, you last minute. Don’t think we don’t know what you’re doing. And we tell you, don’t stop writing your scholarship essay.

If it helps, here’s an example of what can happen when you’re late. Here is the story of an ASU student:

High School Students’ Top 5 Scholarship Application Tips

“Once I took a class that worked with Photoshop. I had a project where I had to make a fake CD cover for myself. I put it off until the last day and I finished it the night before and Went to bed – that’s right, project done. And it was great. My class was at 7:30 the next morning (little college time for you) and I hadn’t printed yet. And here comes the timing lesson. Tho: My printer broke down.

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